BIG Day of giving

May 3, 2016 

24 hours to give to 570 local non-profits.

May.3.2016 3:30pm PST - Thank you to everyone who has been patiently trying to donate to CORE through the BIG Day of Giving website. There are problems with the site on a national level since this is a national giving day. The most recent update is - the 24 hour clock has been reset, and the BIG Day of Giving will end tomorrow May 4 at 3pm. Donors MAY still be able to donate at the site, but our Sacramento Regional Community Foundation is encouraging organizations to accept donations outside of the BIGDoG website, and these donations through checks, cash, or credit cards will count towards prizes and other challenges.

You can donate by credit card through the secure PayPal button just below, or write a check and stop by and see us tonight at 8pm at Leighton Dance Project! THANK YOU for your patience and for supporting CORE!

If you're new to CORE and wondering what we're about, here's a snapshot of our mission! Your support keeps us going - give where your heart is on May 3, 2016 at


CORE dancers embody the powerful athleticism of the art of movement.

 Artistic Director Kelli Leighton's signature contemporary style is athletic and technical- her voice innovative and the synchronization on stage appears effortless.



We are believers in the importance of the Mind, Body, and the Spirit. 

We value the creative spirit in every person, and aim to leave audience members "feeling something"- whatever that may be.


CORE's performances are vibrant- full of raw, sincere emotion and genuine human connection.

Our work is inspired by the experience of simply being human- the struggles, the triumph, and the strength we find in community.